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A case of dynamic modern architecture taking care of business, Wilden Street House is a yearning conversion of an abandoned pre-war bungalow lcated in Paddington, Brisbane, Australia. Shaun Lockyer Architects exploited the favored property parcel and made an inviting family home with a charming backyard that appreciates north-east-bound city sees. While the back of the house offers an intriguing and moderately exemplary timber look , the inverse exterior significantly opens towards the garden and liberally estimated pool.

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A house originally built in 1940’s, in a historical neighbourhood in Austin, Texas, a contemporary renovation by Miró Rivera Architects, to meet the current expectations of the owners. During the 1980’s, the venue did suffer some less inspired transformations, which were not reflecting exactly the true nature of it. What the clients wanted was to “get back to the 40s”. “MRA’s goal was to restore the exterior of the house in this historic neighbourhood while transforming the interiors to bring in light and provide a better connection with the exterior. A simple material palette was used to maintain a balance between the traditional aspects of the original house and the modern updates required by this family of four.”

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If you love the reemergence of Art Deco interiors into your home, you are not alone! Art Deco style is the visual and influential arts & design movement which first emerged in France after World War I. It features touches of French, Egyptian & Mediterranean culture with geometric patterns and often vibrant colors. From the exterior of your home to the interior – you will be surprised how easy it is to bring this retro look from the 1930’s -1940’sstyle into your home. Here are 10 hot trends for adding Art Deco style into your interiors.

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One of the Australia’s brightest architects, Andrew Maynardan, designed this elegant and compact single-family residence located on the Moor Street, in Fitzroy (one of Melbourne’s suburbs). The new house, kept some of its old characteristics, such as the street façade, the original brick terrace and an old Japanese maple tree (located in the courtyard). Andrew’s projects are unique inhabitable spaces, decorated with style and taste. In his design projects, he uses a diversity of materials and his youthful creative mind to come up with the most convenient solutions for the clients and their homes.

Another home is frequently confused for a place to eat, rest and unwind. Yet, it’s more than that, as far back as we began understanding sustainability. Take the Great Gulf Active House by Superkül inc as case: a home that “sets another point of reference in Canadian private advancement”.

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The Foster Loop residence was designed by Balance Associates Architects and is a 1,653 square-foot , two-story cabin located in Mazama Village. in the eastern part of Washington state, USA. The site of the undertaking was delighted in by the proprietors for a long time, in their camping trips. According to the architects, “the design limits impact to the earth by raising the residence off the ground with small solid docks. The passage to the house is a somewhat elevated walk that leads to the section and stair. This section opens up to a 1/2 story living space and kitchen which are anchored by a centrally located fireplace and the stair. This stair leads to the tent like bedrooms with low walls on the second floor. The two closures of the residence have indoor/outdoor spaces. There is also a deck and elevated catwalk that keeps running between the trees, across a small valley, and discharges onto a grassy clearing in the woods.” Find this home as appealing as we do?

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Situated on a North-South arranged corner site in Brighton, Australia, this sophisticated residence was envisioned for an average size family searching for a urban abiding to appreciate day by day. Radiating a rich present day feel by means of a huge number of indoor and outdoor living territories associated with the outdoors, the sophisticated residence was proposed to serve a bustling family and become their desert spring of peace while interfacing them to the outdoors. The two-story home designed by Darren Comber disperses the lines between indoor and outdoor with the assistance of extensive windows drawing daylight inside.

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Stuart Silk Architects have completed the design for a large house spiced up with original contemporary details in Seattle. The Washington Park Hilltop Residence set on a bluff overlooking Lake Washington and makes the most of its location in terms of spectacular sights: “Views of the vast lake, Mt. Rainier and North Cascades dictated the orientation and transparency of the elevation facing the water. A plan then evolved to integrate water features into the home, to be experienced from inside and out“.

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When dealing with small spaces, creativity can turn things around to improve things. This is the case with the “Vault Room”, a rehabilitation venture created by Brussels based international practice Lindman Åke E:son]

Settled between oak trees, pine, cedar, birch and walnut trees, on a banner part in Atherton, California, this contemporary living arrangement offers privacy and a stylishly pleasing condition for family life. The new family estate is secured by 20-foot-tall supports that offer a private, relaxing outdoor habitat and the likelihood of drawing sunshine somewhere inside the home. Known as the ARA Residence, this family property was designed by Swatt | Miers Architects as a private paradise encompassed by refreshing greenery.