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Large spaces appear to have an attraction to individuals who adore entertaining with style. This particular multi-level 5,000 square foot apartment is the ideal place to combine a flourishing social existence with the comforts of home. The proprietor and My Modern Met draws the attention with exciting features like the basketball or the tree amidst the living room. A laser optic lit steel tube acts like the hallway, opening up the space to the twofold stature living area. The large, splendid space was obtained by keeping the many bay windows intact, especially a 16 x 20 foot retractable focus bay window that surges the space with natural light. Uncovered wood beams edify the space and create a fascinating pattern in the brilliant space. The large entertaining area was designed to encompass as much fun things as conceivable and many areas for relaxation. Many individuals would love to live in a place this way, yet unfortunately, the space was as of late sold for $3.32 million. Fortunate inhabitant, isn’t that so?

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Borrowing the name of its location, the Gothic Quarter Apartment designed by YLAB Architects is located in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, Spain. Surprising the watcher with an intense usage of contemporary materials and modern furniture things, the interiors of this 130 square meter apartment in the heart of the city were as of late renovated. The transformation can be clearly found in all the details, however there are a few components that maintain the recollections of another era. Some key components were kept, similar to the traditional Catalan ceilings showing off wooden beams and vaulted arches, and the exterior wooden shades. Arched openings make the association between the progression of splendid, liberal spaces that shape the apartment’s floor plan.

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Proving that light-overwhelmed private spaces can be comfortable, this spacious Scandinavian apartment develops a fantastic situation for a satisfied way of life. Overlooking Gothenburg from the best level of a seven-story 1907 building, the 90 square meter apartment shows a flawless Scandinavian interior plan, punctuated by present day furniture that redesign it to the requirements of our century. The main living space is partitioned between the comfortable living room richly showcasing a dull backdrop, inviting dining zone underneath hanging lights and an open space enhanced with a dark chimney. The main bedroom, bathroom and visitor latrine are situated alongside the living room, creating a private haven. An exquisite confined glass door shrouds the office space leading to the youngsters’ bedroom, where colors position of authority in the reduced adjusted space. Dazzling details all through make this apartment uncommon: the chimney inviting to daydreaming minutes while flares mirror in the glass underneath, a patio opening towards the city with a comfortable invitation to appreciate some tea, and the shiny kitchen backsplash perfectly differentiates the advanced white furniture. Is there anything missing from this fantasy apartment?

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Space boost is a growing pattern recently in apartment design. Nations like China or Japan attempt tremendous endeavors to think of ideas for little places because of the way that their urban populace is increasing at a rate never encountered. The present apartment however is situated in Paris and originates from designer Mocoloco

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Living a green lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to own a house, apartment owners can do their share in being ‘green’ and eco-friendly. When living in an apartment, appliances, and utilities are most likely handled by your landlord or leasing company.  This doesn’t mean there aren’t tips to help save you money and be environmentally conscious at the same time.  Follow these tips for living a green apartment lifestyle.

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Voluptuous and nearly dizzying, this sculptural modern apartment situated in West Melbourne looks like a contemporary craftsmanship exhibition. Transformed from a butter factory into an unusual living space by the imaginative minds of Adrian Amore Architects, the place is intriguing without a doubt. White dividers all through make a decent foundation for bent shapes and minimalist furniture. The shading palette is kept basic couple of items upset the magnificence of the highly contrasting twosome resulting in a calm, yet peculiarly appealing design scheme.

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The proprietors of this apartment at the Interlace Singapore, designed by famed German architect Ole Scheeren, commissioned KNQ Associates to create an unfussy style with an intimate atmosphere. The architects aimed at a clean, contemporary yet warm language that would cater to the tastes of the youthful proprietors exceptionally well: “The interior would also need a cover like feel to create visual warmth in the spacious living space – after all, the whole apartment is more than 2000 sqft of floor space – thus we utilized a lot of warm wood lacquer, contrasting furnishings and tasty fabrics to relax the hard edges of walls and columns“.

Refined and sumptuous, the Concerto apartment, designed by the Taiwan-based KCD Design Studio, is such a flawless place to live in! The smooth wooden floors and mirror-like dividers, that enhance the sentiment space, make a warm living condition. Amicability is one of the words that affected the whole apartment’s idea and style: like a faultless piano show piece. “The system was consolidated by two houses. We associated situations, melodic shape, twofold living and main bedroom all together by various fundamental elements. Each factor has its own particular trademark and plainly translates itself. The development was made with various types out of feeling, now and again resonating and in some cases whisper.”

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Although he may maintain a business based in New York, Ken Valenti’s apartment on Miami beach has a particularly intriguing theme.  Namely, a solid concentrate on color accents… notwithstanding when the color is all white.  In fact, the majority of his apartment is designed to be all-white with extremely minimal utilization of grayish color as deliberately inconspicuous accents.  To contrast one kind of intense style, different rooms in his apartment are equally striking and deliberately designed to accent those solid shades of green or teal.  Needless to say, it’s certainly a strong decision as a living space… granted, Miami beach is all about making striking design choices.  – via

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It has been a while since we distributed a Swedish apartment design, yet this incredible Stockholm level was justified regardless of the hold up. Situated on the island of Lilla Essingen, on the top floor of a waterfront building, this home comprises of three rooms, an as of late revamped kitchen and a 30 square meter porch. According to the depiction on Skeppsholmen, the place has an open arrangement design, and the full window divider facing the water invites normal light in the whole apartment.