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If you are like most pet owners you love your furry members of the family, but you also feel like you have to sacrifice your sense of style in your home decor because of them. Whether it is because Sparky the dog is always biting on the corner of your leather couch, or it’s because Fluffy the cat leaves her fur on your velvet couch, there is hope. What you need are pet friendly interiors that can withstand the wear and tear of your pets, and still leave your home looking great, here are some tips.

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The design world is constantly coming up with creative ideas on how to integrate Meyou Paris aims to offer cat owners furniture in tune with the harmony of their homes.

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Driven by the imaginative gifts of perceived furniture designer Corey Drew, Pet Lounge Studios takes a one of a kind approach towards the acculturation of pets. The company’s main goal is to make absolutely extraordinary designs that take care of an assortment of issues, however above all how to flawlessly and comfortably incorporate your pets into your homes without giving up the finely arranged stylistic layout. Pet Lounge Studios has a noteworthy accumulation of furniture particularly designed for the pampered pup, however their most current design, The Bambú Hammock II has become the overwhelming focus in the extravagance pet market.

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It is troublesome not to see the expanded appeal in Straight Line Designs Inc. The Pet Trailer Series incorporates four one of a kind dog-sized trailers produced using ecologically cordial materials, including recyclable aluminum, plywood and plastic. Beautiful and lovely, these “accommodation units” are not recently useful, but rather fill an embellishing need also, increasing the value of contemporary patios.

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With regards to pets, a few people tend to make a special effort to guarantee that these little creatures are dealt with in the most ideal way. The flavor of the day pooch overdo it comes from blueantstudio

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Oshu dog house stands out for its striking geometric pattern, weatherproof material, easy assembly and personalization choices.