A Highly Unconventional Chair Design: Frame By Ola Giertz

A Highly Unconventional Chair Design: Frame By Ola Giertz

by ola la

A basic rectangular shape frames a graphical chair ranking high in versatility. Designed by Materia, Frame works like a three-dimensional picture in various rooms and situations, and frames the individual who sits in it. The client becomes the focal point, so now you can be your own Mona Lisa. At the same time, the furniture piece has a high level of spatiality because of the walls and the roof, which let you have your own peaceful space.

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Frame invites to a number of different ways to sit on. Sit in the middle like you sit on a pallet, creep up in the easychair and lean against a side, or place the furniture against a wall and use it like a backrest. Another advantage is the sitting from two different directions, which is possible because it has no front or backside.

This also enables you to place several Frames next to each other, which creates a longer tunnel and gives the feeling of being in a room of its own. Made of a molded wooden frame which is covered with foam and fabric, the chair acts as a sound absorber. Its base consists of four wooden legs that are lathed in ash. [Information provided via e-mail by Ola Giertz; Photography: Carl Magnus Johansson]

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