A Modern Home Office Built From A Storage Unit

A Modern Home Office Built From A Storage Unit

home office built in bookshelves

Smith Storage Unit is the ideal storing answer for home offices. Although the modern storage space can hold books, organizers, magazines or any different things, it best suites a working individual’s requirement for portability. Awarded the 2011 JODR (Jonathan Olivares Design Research). Energized by the passion of understanding human needs in various situations, JODR designed the Smith Storage Unit “for the overlapping interests of the home and office.” The versatile storage space can easily transform into a furniture piece – a stool or even a side table – helping you carry out your activity and enjoying a very much designed protest at the same time. The designer explains his item’s details: “Attaching itself to tables, Smith helps change over a dining room into a temporary workspace. The design can also be utilized as a stool or side table, and its tapered extent allows it to be stacked and placed off the beaten path. Smith is an adaptable half and half that allows its client to define its end purpose.” Scroll down to see a short video of this intelligent storing arrangement and keep in mind to tell us what you think about it.

home office built in desk

home office built in furniture

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