Asian Creativity At Its Best: The SongMax Clothing Store For Women

Asian Creativity At Its Best: The SongMax Clothing Store For Women

The SongMax Clothing store is an amazing design project that comes from a Chinese company called Elevation Workshop (ELEV). The founders say that ELEV is “positioned at the crossroads of art and architecture”. We here at Besthomedesignplan believe that The SongMax clothing store is a perfect combination between the two, a great idea for a unique commercial interior. The brand that the store serves targets business women with strong carriers. Naturally, these types of women want to stand out. The idea here was to make it so that the clients of this fancy clothing store could feel in the center of attention. The floor is lifted in the air similar to a stage and the “L”-shaped lines within the store give it a feeling of space or endless roads.

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Using the colors dark, white and red, the designers from Elevation Workshop figured out how to convey polish and style to this extend. Notwithstanding, these were otherwise necessary factors, being given the focused on gathering of people.

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clothing store for toddlers

We found out that the store has not been yet opened to the public, which explains why no pictures with clothes are available. The opening will occur soon. We only hope that the clothes sold there will live up to the building’s fantastic design. – Via Dezeen

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