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Believing the interior designers you work with is important – something unbelievable can come about because of understanding the requirements and wishes of a customer and then designing a residential space that can accommodate their way of life while building another setting for their daily activities. The Marina Apartment 1 is recently that sort of place – a renovated apartment in Warsaw’s Mokotow area designed according to a couple of rules – a comfortable, current quality home, displaying many wood details and a beautiful sea angle aquarium – and a creative arrangement of psyches. After appreciating the Exit Interior Design Studio‘s portfolio that caught our attention. The photographs made by Olo Rutkowski give us carefully chose and designed details, emphasized by the customer’s constant search for quality. So as to have a comfortable, contemporary home suited for this family, the best firms working with wood, stone and different components were chosen and the outcome is magnificent.

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Minimal Studio Architects have finished the design for a 90 square meter apartment in Warsaw, Poland. The new home pays tribute to the conventional Scandinavian style, described by obviously laid-out spaces, solace and usefulness. With a shading palette made out of white, dark, dark and darker, the apartment radiates a rich, yet calm climate. This is presumably why wood is additionally present, softening up the generally inflexible spaces.

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We proceed with our Swedish all-white stalking with another astonishing apartment found it the center of a comfortable neighborhood on the peak of Linnestaden’s own San Francisco road. Built to confront East, South, and West keeping in mind the end goal to get the genuinely necessary regular light, this 1903 apartment enables you to watch both the astounding dawn and nightfall appropriate from your bed. With a round-the-corner, the comfortable and comfortable apartment has been renovated to give a brilliant feeling of opportunity and space. Furthermore, on the off chance that you include the five dividers living room and the staggering landscape that you can see from the overhang, it has all that it needs to end up plainly a fantasy home. (The main thing that we don’t care for is the bathroom … they could have improved the situation around there). – via

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Here is a two room apartment (60 square meters) with many inspiring components. We consider some them could truly help when anticipating improving a comparable lodging. This two room apartment is situated in Sweden and consolidates current components with exemplary ones and even vintage details. The living room includes a liberal couch, a TV bureau and a perusing territory. With its couple of wooden increases, a chimney and exemplary oak parquet flooring, it  gives away a worm feel. Ideal alongside it, somewhat hoisted, there is an excellent all prepared kitchen. The oak worktop gives a uniform appearance and a decent difference to the matte white tiles that line the divider up to the roof. The bedroom additionally includes a vintage chimney giving the interior an extremely comfortable feel. What do you think? Made the designers do a decent showing with regards to in expanding the space in this two room apartment?

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With vivid colors, a strong appearance and stretching over a relatively small area, this apartment really stands out A funky, open floor plan connects the  kitchen and the  living room. There are two bedrooms, one of which features a double bed, a bedside table, huge windows and a practical wardrobe wall with sliding doors and mirrors which scores high in matters of storage space. The slightly smaller bedroom is similar: it also accommodates a double bed,  a desk and a  built-in spacious shelving system.The living-room is cozy and airy, colorful, perfect for socializing. There are also cables for surround sound systems and concealed wiring for flat screen TV and media equipment. The kitchen has stainless-steel units and it is connected to the living-room. Check out the photos and tell us what you think! -via Innerspec

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How would you like quality design blends? These fascinating interiors have a place with a 1840’s Greek Home located in New York’s Greenwich Village, USA. The company in charge with the rehabilitation was Axis Mundi, a creative design firm whose portfolio we appreciated checking out. The challenge was to redesign the place while as yet preserving its historical style. Another important aspect was the fact that Axis Mundi had to concoct a suitable stylistic layout to house the proprietor’s great art gathering. Famous paintings belonging to Warhol, Haring and Basquiat were given a legitimate display condition. The place also features surreal furniture components from famous artists, for example, Salvador Dali and Antonio Gaudi. Did we manage to stand out enough to be noticed?

We came across a residence constructed of several inspiring details and we thought we would share it to know what you think. Imagined by multidisciplinary designer Geoff Tsui, the residence at No 30 Razor Park occupies a space summing up to 1220 square feet and its positive vibe and openness between spaces and exterior could be given as a positive example. The designer says he had to rethink the layout of the new house, so the old construction was replaced with a modern one in order to fully utilize the existing space and offer a larger set of living spaces that you find in typical Hong Kong homes.

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“Spectacular” is a good way to describe this apartment’s display of light and shapes. The interior design created by Dear Ingo chandelier by Ron Gilad for moooi is displayed over the kitchen island, creating a hybrid space combining an abstract form with functionality.

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New York City is popular for being a city for architecture and culture. Be that as it may, in the midst of every one of those high rises, there isn’t a great deal of room for inhabitants to spread out. Those willing to pay for room to wander require look no more remote than this luxurious private loft in Soho. At $4,650,000, wood, brick, and stone design components mix present day and traditional design to make an extensive escape amidst New York City’s buzzing about.

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We discovered this Scandinavian apartment that is very not quite the same as the Swedish lodgings we normally distribute. With an aggregate living range of 185 square meters, comprising of four rooms in addition to kitchen, you could state this bunk is routed to those used to a lavish style. The center of the space is an open arrangement living room, designed in a profoundly contemporary way. The white veneer completes make this place literally sparkle. The mingling zone incorporates a couch, dining capable and kitchen island. Sprinkles of shading show up all over, for making fascinating visual complexities. A silver stag is the most striking designing thing from all the room and is by all accounts an announcement of the extravagance this home suggests. The space likewise includes an indoor pool and a delightful porch for unwinding. Does the general design of this apartment bid to you?