ampersand building london

One of the most recognized office locations in London, the Ampersand Building, reunites exciting design elements. The Living Staircase by Paul Cocksedge  is the new centerpiece of the building, an original unit providing much more than functionality: “Paul Cocksedge’s design removes the load-bearing pillar from the center of a traditional staircase design and replaces it with a series of zones for relaxation, creative thinking and informal workplace interaction.” The entire length of the balustrade is planted, and thus converted into a beautiful miniature garden that the staff here can look after.

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What do you do on the off chance that you live in a place where temperatures go down to – 10C during winters and more than 40C in the late spring? What about a private house like this one in Chihuahua? Created by Mexican-based draftsmen from Productora, the house is a piece of a golf club community in the forsake, northern piece of the nation. Henceforth why it’s somewhat covered into the mountain slant to exploit the dirt’s warm mass. At the point when looked from the outside it’s apparent as a single tallness volume, however when you get inside things change. Sorted out around a progression of yards and rooftop openings that give light and ventilation, the interior is minimalist styled with contemporary furniture and expansive open spaces. An amazing idea, isn’t it?

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Designed by Metropole Architects, the reasoning driving this house design is to create an enduring impression of development. Located off of Dolphin Coast, South Africa, the planners deliberately integrated the encompassing environment while creating their design.