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The “Washup” is a conceptual design integrating a washing machine with toilette-flush. This new concept is a sustainable and space saving water consumption device that reuses the water that cleans the clothes in the washer to flush the toilet. The “Washup” is certainly a great solution for the problem of location of washing machines in small bathrooms, and I’m sure that this concept would be something that every small place owner will want. And the second part of this a smart idea is that this “toilet + washing machine” conserves lots of water that would normally just be flushed away, something good for our planet. – Via – Gizmodo

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Long gone are the days when bathrooms were seen basically as a functional room where every day purging would happen on the grounds of cleanliness. Today, bathrooms have turned out to be to a greater extent a haven where unwinding rules. They are a place that we can withdraw to when we feel needing revitalisation, a withdraw where we can set aside time for ourselves and experience some truly necessary spoiling. Bathrooms today have gone up against a spa-like personality reminiscent of those regularly found in top of the line lodgings and extravagance resorts. This new part for the bathroom clearly implies that we have a tendency to invest significantly more energy in this room and we are likewise prone to need to fill it with more extravagant and complex hardware and all the more fascinating and uncommon sanitaryware.

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Philippe Starck is one of the most productive designers of our opportunity. He has turned his hand to for all intents and purposes everything there is, from lodgings, eateries, bars and clubs, to furniture, silverware, stuff, kitchens and even nutrition. Often viewed as the awful kid of design, Starck is known for his clever reinterpretation of ordinary articles and anyone who has had the delight of being in an indistinguishable room from him will without a doubt discover him amazingly captivating and most unquestionably engaging.

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copper shower curtain

Bath time is frequently the one time when we can unwind and get some quality “personal” time. Running a shower, lighting a few candles and enjoying our most loved excellence items can be happy as long as the setting is perfect. Today I might want to introduce you the Cooper shower curtain rail from Agape Design, something that looks better than average, yet lamentably isn’t appropriated for a little bathroom. Sobbing around baths to give security, extending around shower regions to keep in the sprinkles… the Cooper curtain rail is a jazzy and coherent solution.

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Have you ever noticed the bathroom is the one room you have the most to store and the least amount of storage areas? Creative ways to hide storage is important in the bathroom where large and small items need a ‘home’.  Whether you have a lot of storage under your sink that is being underutilized or you only have a pedestal sink, there are creative ways to store items. Look at these solutions and see which of them fit your bathroom needs the best.

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In the fashion world, patterns travel every which way actually as snappy as the seasons change. One moment it’s about shading hindering, the following everybody is going frantic for pastel hues, stripes or ribbon. The patterns that we see on the catwalk regularly tend to channel through to interior design, whether that be the hues, designs, prints, surfaces or materials. In any case, the items that appear to be most impacted by the fashion world are generally textures, backdrops and other delicate decorations. We don’t normally tend to think of sanitaryware as being liable to the occasional changes of the fashion world.

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New York, NY – Duravit, a leading manufacturer of innovative bathroom furnishings, has launched PuraVida, a complete bathroom suite designed in collaboration with Phoenix Design and fittings manufacturer Hansgrohe. PuraVida brings poetic purity and clarity of form to the bathroom, fusing minimalism and elegance to create a sleek, yet gentle, flowing and graceful look. The collection is Duravit’s second collaboration with Phoenix Design. “Everything about this range is completely subtle, nothing is excessive, nothing is pretentious,” said Tom Schönherr of Phoenix Design. In designing PuraVida, Schönherr and partner Andreas Haug sought to modify pure geometry in order to create a sense of gentle movement. To that they added emotion, based on Schönherr’s sense that, “In the future, there will be a need for a new form, for new emotion. Everything will become more joyful and more lively.

kali art bathtubs

The WS Bath Collections Kali’-Art Bathtu is characterized by minimal curves and clean lines, wrapped in wood and leather with an acrylic interior. The modernist bathtub comes optionally with two marine plywood headrests that are more ideal as back supports. Kali’-Art Bathtubs are available in oak and wenge wood finish and offer a fine furnishings craftsmanship. The leather version features smooth silky panels of leather stitched to a slender wooden frame. The price for these bathtubs is between $7,400 – $13,400.