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Even though until recently, the zebra print was looked upon with one raised eye-brow, at the present time, more and more movie stars and other celebrities show off their million dollar cribs and most of them include the all-mighty zebra prints. Which is why today we decided to make a selection and keep you posted with the latest trends in the matter. We tried to keep it simple (as simple as this type of design allowed us) and keep in mind the idea of good taste. However you will also notice interiors that have a mixture of elements and styles. From bedrooms made entirely with zebra patterns (curtains, bed sheets, floor rug) to living-rooms with just zebra pattern pillows, the pictures are diverse and inspiring. We are looking forward to further suggestions from you.

In December 2007 we presented on Besthomedesignplan an interesting product that a lot of people liked. That poduct is called the Valentines Day …the Love Mattress.


Capturing the essence of the city center’s coffee shops, the [e-spres-oh] office in Timisoara, designed by Ezzo Design is one of the most interesting Romanian design projects I’ve seen lately. Envisioned as a shelter of creativity and relaxation, this place, that looks nothing like a typical, dull IT office, was designed with the employees in mind. To get a better understanding of “how” was this project possible, I went there (and knocked on their entryway) to convince myself that the place was really like everybody else described it to be. I stepped carefully inside and there it was, staring “ironically” at me: the other entryway. “Are you serious?!” As you enter the office, there’s this entryway that marks symbolically the entrance.

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This lovely home has a simple and yet cosy architecture plan. Located in a beautiful country area in Spain, it is a great place for a peaceful retreat.  Even though the exterior may be considered plain- we are dealing with a country house, don’t forget that- the inside elements make up for this fact. What is striking about the overall arrangement is the fact that the kitchen, living room and the dining room are all located in the same space and they make for one single room. However, if you look at the pictures, you will notice that everything is in its right place. Moreover, the lighting is very god and the overall idea is that of space. Warm and inviting, with bits of color here and there, it almost seems that this house calls out for a relaxing holiday. -via Inspiring Interiors

With the world’s attention and probably yours glued to the television coverage of the Beijing Olympics, few could have failed to notice the spectacular Bird’s Nest Stadium where the opening ceremony took place. Well, here is seating that looks just like the stadium. The X_Lounger is a modern bean bag of a chair where ” a single ray has been traced along a periodic double curved surface, resulting in a random looking yet controlled construction pattern.” The X_Lounger is available either in satin aluminum or Malaysian rattan.

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The TV CoverUp is a novel, basic and exquisite approach to disguise a flat screen TV. With a TV CoverUp, the TV screen is not any more a stark main focus when killed, bringing down a room’s style. Rather, your encircled art or mirror gives the point of convergence – until the point that it deftly swings upward to uncover the TV covered up underneath. The essential TV CoverUps unit encases any size flat screen TV and incorporates the photo outline lifting equipment. From that point, every TV CoverUp unit is altered to suit the necessities of any watcher, room or taste. Any art or edge can be utilized (counting your own!) to cover your TV. You have the choice of joining our equipment straightforwardly to the piece or the option of lifting a board with which to hang art upon. This is particularly helpful for when the piece is littler in measurement than the TV that is being hidden.

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Home staging combines the ability to “stage” your home so that it is visually and aesthetically appealing to a home buyer.  If you’re in the process, or thinking of selling your home, there are several staging tricks that professionals use. It is a proven fact that homes that are staged will sell quicker than those that are not. Follow these 10 home staging tricks and get confident that your home will sell in no time at all!

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how to use mirrors to brighten up a room
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Mirrors are a decorative item that never gets enough fanfare.  They can be used as a finish material on walls, and as a cladding on furniture.  Hung over fireplaces and placed in frames, mirrors can transform a room from small to roomy in an instant.  Mirrors are extremely versatile in that they can represent any décor style, and can also be used in feng shui to channel energy!  Your home can benefit from the use of mirrors, and here are some simple uses.