Contemporary, Bright And Dynamic Offices For Lance Armstrong Foundation

Contemporary, Bright And Dynamic Offices For Lance Armstrong Foundation

The Lance Armstrong Foundation got an acknowledgment of their diligent work when they went from renting space in a corporate office building to having their own offices in the 1950s Gulf Coast Paper Co. stockroom in East Austin, Texas. Present day and loaded with vitality, the new headquarters was designed by The Bommarito Group. The building was overflowed by light from two edges, the veneer and the rooftop, brightening up the inventive space utilized by 62 individuals that work here. The revamped rectangular building highlights office space, meeting rooms, dining offices, an in-house recreation center, outdoors patio, and stopping. With a LEED Gold accreditation, the 2010 Austin Constructor Annual Award, Outstanding Construction Award and the 2010 Texas Society of Architects/AIA Design Award, the architecture and highlights of the building will bring delight, association and visual contentment to the general population working here and to the guests. The offices resemble a sorted out yet innovative inside neighborhood, loaded with dynamicity, don’t you think?

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