Contemporary Home In Mexico Features Glass Walls And Steel Bridges

Contemporary Home In Mexico Features Glass Walls And Steel Bridges

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The contemporary home, La Casa en el Bosque, in Mexico City, Mexico, is composed of two volumes associated by steel bridges and glass flooring and walls. One of the structures houses the living regions, while the other holds the clothing and administration wing.

“The project was built with a mixed system of concrete and metal structure with wooden beams, a system that allowed us to have wide open spans without support,” explained the designers at Grupoarquitectura

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The residence was built around existing trees without harming vegetation on the site, and includes other sustainable features such as a waste-water recycling system for irrigation. As you enter the house, you’ll be struck by an overwhelming feeling of height and space. The main living area encircled by glass offers front-row seats to the surrounding nature. “The two volumes are closed to the outside and face the gardens to the south and east.” Ample sunlight is brought indoors thanks to large windows and terraces. [Photography by Agustín Garza]

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