Contemporary Luxury Houseboat With A Loft Style Interior

Contemporary Luxury Houseboat With A Loft Style Interior

A new contemporary luxury houseboat, MetroShip, launches to the public, re-inventing the houseboat with modern New York City loft style interior and modern exterior that’s never been seen before in the boating industry. MetroShed pre-fab pioneer and product designer, David Ballinger set out to buy a modern houseboat 7 years ago. Ballinger found nothing and set about asking the largest houseboat builders in America to build something for his personal use. After several years of meetings and conference calls he realized that if he was going to get a truly modern houseboat and not ‘RV of the Sea’ he would have to design and build it from scratch. The result is a modern boating masterpiece in full production just north of Atlanta, GA under the management of master boat builder, Ray Davenport.

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The MetroShip features a special open floor plan, more with regards to an open loft space in Tribeca. The MetroShip current houseboat has a media focus to make most audiophiles and nerds dribble – from ultra top of the line Cyrus Audio British stereo components to Jamo Danish in-wall speakers to the HD projector that not just acts as a High Definition motion picture theater, yet in addition as an extra large computer screen for web and e.mails as well as an entertainment place for the children to play Nintendo Wii games on a wide screen. The interesting houseboat layout has a central kitchen and bathroom that partitions the living room from master bedroom – all with central air molding and heat – all remote controlled. The kitchen is a large 8 foot by 5 foot island with breakfast bar and top notch appliances from Gaggenau and Viking. The bathroom is the embodiment of design and functionality, from a full size shower, full size latrine and LG steam washer dryer. Indeed, even the faucet in the Italian vanity is without touch to monitor water. The furniture is all ‘green’ – utilizing reused frames and remnant fabrics made by sister company, MetroSofa.

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Designer David Ballinger commented, “The MetroShip represents 7 years of boat design and planning to utilize unique materials for a houseboat application. I wanted to incorporate the manufacturing efficiencies of our pre-fab buildings (MetroShed) into a luxury aluminum hull houseboat product. From the moment you walk on to the MetroShip you immediately forget you’re on a boat – the ceiling is high and the space is open. No other houseboat has the same feel. Light was the key factor to the MetroShip houseboat design – most houseboats have lots of windows to let light in – but the result is a very poor looking design. We use transulent thermal aluminum walls to achieve a clean linear look but most importantly a light and airy space during the day and a stunning looking boat design at night. This is certainly a product where the design has evolved from solving problems – Philippe Starck would be proud.”

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