Cool Dog House Upgrade: Instantly-Endearing Pet Trailer Design

Cool Dog House Upgrade: Instantly-Endearing Pet Trailer Design

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It is troublesome not to see the expanded appeal in Straight Line Designs Inc. The Pet Trailer Series incorporates four one of a kind dog-sized trailers produced using ecologically cordial materials, including recyclable aluminum, plywood and plastic. Beautiful and lovely, these “accommodation units” are not recently useful, but rather fill an embellishing need also, increasing the value of contemporary patios.

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Each of the pet trailers is fully customizable. According to the official description provided by the designer, various finishes can be used for interior wall colors and flooring, such as hardwood, carpet or tile, and there’s always the adorable personalized license plate. For an added bit of comfort and luxury, the pet trailer can even have a lighted interior and wireless speakers. Unfortunately, we could not find information regarding the cost of the trailers, but you can contact the designer directly if you have any further questions.

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