Creative Multi-Generational Family Home In Virginia: The Bridge House

Creative Multi-Generational Family Home In Virginia: The Bridge House

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Bridge House by Höweler + Yoon Architecture is an original looking residence in McLean, Virginia, United States. The multi-generational house is situated between a woodland range and a rural neighborhood, offering the inhabitants a vibe of the two ways of life. The structure of the project comprises of three volumes, each  interacting with the scene: “Perspectives from the rural road through to the slanted scene are informed by the programmatic volumes of the main floor and the bridge-like volume above, which outline the scene from interior and exterior vantage points. Each tubular volume contains a painstakingly sorted out relationship of private and open regions that compare to the family’s generational structure”, explained the architects.

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A creative layout answers the living needs of all generations living in the residence: “The smaller volume of the ground floor is the private master suite for the grandparents (the clients) who are first-generation Korean-American immigrants to the United States. The larger volume of the ground floor is the collective public area of the multi-generational home, which includes all shared programs, such as the kitchen, family room, dining room and garage. Physically bridging between these two spaces is a long volume that houses the family’s second and third generations.” The interior design scheme includes furniture units made from recycled materials, as well as a fireplace and staircase fabricated from hot-rolled steel and wood. [Photos courtesy of Höweler + Yoon Architecture]

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