Curving Lines And Exquisite Views Defining Ventura House In Dorset, United Kingdom

Curving Lines And Exquisite Views Defining Ventura House In Dorset, United Kingdom

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Ventura House is a cutting edge family home in Dorset, United Kingdom, created by Husen Developments. Situated on a site with different stature levels, the task was ideally adjusted to its vantage position: “The site being referred to faces southwest on a lofty slant with views towards Poole harbor from the first and second floors. The range of Evening slope is set within the district of Poole, Dorset and within nearness of pleasant shorelines”, explained the draftsmen. Glass windows were utilized all through, maximizing views in all bearings.

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Due to its curved forms, strong gray aluminum lines and position on the slope, Ventura House has a striking street presence. Here is more from the architects regarding its special features: “The entrance is set with a vertical stonewall that sits parallel to a curved sculptured internal stairwell. There is ample living space, four generous en-suite bedrooms, an integral double garage, home cinema and a separate study. The pinnacle is the sunroom on the third floor with 180-degree views and a flowing indoor-outdoor terrace.” By making use of a variety of colors and textures, the designers created fresh and vivid interiors. Have a look and tell us what you think!

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