Dynamic Modern Architecture: Imposing Wilden Street House In Australia

Dynamic Modern Architecture: Imposing Wilden Street House In Australia

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A case of dynamic modern architecture taking care of business, Wilden Street House is a yearning conversion of an abandoned pre-war bungalow lcated in Paddington, Brisbane, Australia. Shaun Lockyer Architects exploited the favored property parcel and made an inviting family home with a charming backyard that appreciates north-east-bound city sees. While the back of the house offers an intriguing and moderately exemplary timber look , the inverse exterior significantly opens towards the garden and liberally estimated pool.

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According to the architects, the design explores “chiseled forms in the architectural expression and interior resolution which result in warm and dynamic interior volumes that are flooded with light from above. The craftsmanship of the house is one of its greatest attributes with a timeless and seamless execution of joinery, cabinetry and detail“. The focus on an optimum indoor-outdoor connection resulted in a spectacular double height outdoor living space framing spectacular views. [Photography: Scott Burrows]

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