Eclectic Redesign Project Mixing Vintage And Modern Details In New Rochelle, New York

Eclectic Redesign Project Mixing Vintage And Modern Details In New Rochelle, New York

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In a quaint colonial building on a lush road in New Rochelle, New York, only a hour outside of NYC is the location of interior designer Danielle Colding‘s new eclectic project. The customer wanted the house completely revamped to feature her eclectic art accumulation, which also filled in as inspiration for a significant part of the redesign. With an already existing cool blend of vintage and modern furniture, Danielle created a crisp shading palette to indicate them to their advantage. Throughout the project, new pieces were added and a portion of the more seasoned pieces rejuvenated. Fabrics were picked, and the home re-try was underway.

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With this project in New York, the designer took a “more is more” approach, employing a lot of layering, which is often her signature.  The client really allowed the designer do her work unfettered, which allowed the project to move quickly and painlessly. Danielle and the client focused on the main rooms first, then redesigned the rest of the house. Finally, an indoor/outdoor sunroom was completed. The outcome is a dynamic home exhibiting tremendous warmth and comfort. [Photos and information provided via e-mail by Danielle Colding Design]

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