Funky Patchwork Furniture

Funky Patchwork Furniture

Patchwork is most often associated with quilts. Once a craft born out of economic necessity, patchwork quilts still enjoy widespread popularity. However, British designer Lisa Whatmough whose company is Squint Limited has adapted the patchwork technique not for familar bedcoverings but as upholstery material for her fun and funky bespoke furniture line. Just one of her chic furniture pieces will brighten up any dark corner. These are extraordinarily vivid focal pieces indeed.

funky patchwork quilt

The most ideal way she found to grandstand the textures from her antique material accumulation was to combine them with period furniture. By blending her vintage stash with contemporary texture, her brilliant upholstered furniture pieces have combined into really exceptional designs. The sorts of furniture ranges from chaise longues to footrests, cupboards and a wide range of chairs. Her frill line likewise incorporates patchwork lampshades, bedheads and pads.

funky patchwork quilt patterns

The furniture is painstakingly upholstered the traditional way using tied springs and hand stitched seams. Due to the range of textiles used for each design, prices vary. Squint Limited sells internationally through several outlets. Via

funky patchwork furniture

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