House V In Costa Brava Displaying A Practical Layout

House V In Costa Brava Displaying A Practical Layout

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House V in Costa Brava was as of late completed by Barcelona-based studio Magma Arquitectura and was especially developed to meet the living prerequisites of a large family. According to the architects, “the venture is arranged as a large stone base, on which stands a large horizontal platform. The permeable cut of the staircase subdivides the platform into two independent bodies. Part of the platform receives the most open and spacious interior areas and the exterior terrace and pool that flies over the Mediterranean garden underneath. The large exterior terrace is lateral and runs the length of general society area, so it receives the southern sun toward one side and captures the view of the skyline between the sea and the sky. Several yards developed of wood, which also control the sun and privacy, complete the visual crystal of the home“. The interiors are elegant and welcoming, with a shading palette defined by white and a lot of inspiring details for upcoming contemporary projects.

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