How To Trick Out Your Outdoor Grill Using 10 Essential BBQ Accessories

How To Trick Out Your Outdoor Grill Using 10 Essential BBQ Accessories

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We’ve gathered some of our most loved outdoor grill ideas to prepare you for summer. Setting up your barbecue area to function as effectively as an expert kitchen will make the entire grilling process simpler. What’s more, having a place for everything, and some seating, is conceivable even in a little porch or overhang.

build your outdoor grill

We’ve broken down the outdoor grill setup to 10 essential BBQ accessories and components that trick out your outdoor grill and make barbecuing a snap.

build your own outdoor grill

What’s your favorite grill? Are you old school and a charcoal purist? Or do you love a modern, state-of-the-art grill like the Wolf barbecue above? Depending on space and budget, there’s a variety of grill options out there.

build your own outdoor grill island

Nothing makes your barbecue area more functional than extra counter space. If you can’t add a built-in cabinet and countertop, consider adding a rolling cart, butcher block or stainless steel restaurant prep table next to your grill.

make your own outdoor grill

Why stop the grilling party just because it’s getting dark? Add some task lighting near the grill to help light the area. If there’s no electric connection, consider using a battery-powered LED light.

how to secure your outdoor grill

Any grill master will tell you that the BBQ accessories and grilling gadgets take up space. Add some storage to your grill area by making a spot for an outdoor cabinet, cart or shelving.

build your own outdoor grilling station

For a tricked out grill setup, you’ll need some key accessories and grilling tools to make the job easier. These include:

build your own outdoor grill plans

Much like in the kitchen, people love to gather around the cooking area. Have a table and chairs nearby. The table can serve as outdoor counter space and you’re likely to have an audience sitting with you when you’re grilling. If your space is limited, try using a long, narrow console and barstools or a wall-mounted ledge with stools as your outdoor dining setup.

should you cover your outdoor grill

Grill accessories are optional but add a personalized touch to your barbecue. A pizza oven would be the ultimate, but smaller accessories like a custom branding iron with your initials or a hot plate for warming food would be a great addition.

how to keep your outdoor grill clean

Safety is always a priority, especially when working with fire. Mitts are essential for keeping your hands safe when handling hot surfaces. A fire extinguisher mounted nearby is also a good idea.

build your own outdoor grill

Having serving platters and trays handy make serving your grilled foods stylish and easy. Trays make it easier to carry several items at once, saving you time when you need to go in and out of the house.

build your own outdoor grill island

Make cleanup quick and easy by keeping the right items nearby. A good trashcan for trash, a grill brush for scrubbing the grill while it’s still warm and a roll of paper towels are a good start.

How will you trick out your grill area?

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