Infinity Bath : Combining High Design With Technology

Infinity Bath : Combining High Design With Technology

Designer Aleksander Mukomelov has created the elegant and innovative ‘Infinity’ bath, combining high design with technology to create a complete sensory experience for the user. Technology and materials used in the design of Infinity allowed to leave it to the next level and become the next stage in the evolution of leisure and pleasure. Fullness sensation is achieved by means of effects on all organs of the human senses through scents, music, touch and visual images. Infinity has a remote control that allows an individual to approach the process of bathing, which helps to relax selecting the appropriate mode using the mini-computer mounted on the side panel through which can easily adjust the water temperature, feed rate, modes of hydro-massage jets, select music, choose oil or perfume for aromatherapy. Remote connected to the Internet and intelligent home system, through which you can pre-enable the desired mode.

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Infinity is outfitted with a small scale PC control arrangement of development to this never utilized as a part of the bathrooms – the framework comprises of a removable cartridge with the different (segments may fluctuate from pine oils to ocean salt, or scent), cartridges might be acquired in claim to fame stores with items for bath.

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