Inspiring Design Scheme Showcased By 285 Chaplin Crescent Residence In Canada

Inspiring Design Scheme Showcased By 285 Chaplin Crescent Residence In Canada

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On a blanketed setting, 285 Chaplin Crescent residence created by Zeca Homes Inc. in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, resembles a cozy asylum. A blend of materials (stone, wood, glass and zinc) and an unpredictable geometry make the building outwardly stand out. A couple of patios and balconies, and also liberally estimated windows guarantee an ideal indoor-outdoor relationship. Right now recorded available to be purchased at $3,185,000, the venture comes with best in class apparatuses, hello there tech entertainment frameworks and a general interior design that most contemporary-style aficionados would presumably need for.

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Space, neatness and light are the defining characteristics for the social level of the house. A floating staircase in walnut and glass sets the tone for a minimalist contemporary interior scheme. The color palette is kept simple, yet powerful visual contrasts can be seen throughout. Just notice how the red carpet in the living zone becomes the focal point in relationship with the white walls and floors. Another element of interest is the three-sided stone fireplace, dividing the kitchen area from the family room. Can you spot other details worth highlighting?

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