Miele Commercial Gallery Design In Santiago, Chile

Miele Commercial Gallery Design In Santiago, Chile

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Architects Gonzalo Mardones Viviani have completed the design for Miele Commercial Gallery in Santiago, Chile. The new building is situated in a private neighborhood entitled Nueva Costanera Avenue and known for its commercial and social personality. Along these lines, the task needed to stand out, feature the results of the brand and make mindfulness: “Our architectonic proposition is a building that opens to the corner (the most open place) in a play of veneers of concrete and inclined gems. The interior consequence of the thought allows the availability of the considerable number of levels. Spaces are architectonic labyrinths ways that are notwithstanding penetrating the underground spaces, a one of a kind plausibility of light and characteristic ventilation. The dissemination way into the whole building was made in red steel (red is the Miele corporate shading) leaving a differentiation to the materiality of the building, white cement with titanium dioxide incorporated. This red strip distinguishes over the white as a fauve and keeps running over all levels to the roof“. Find this architecture approach inspiring? [Photography by Nico Saieh]

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