Modern Residence With A Clean Design In Mexico: Casa Del Tec

Modern Residence With A Clean Design In Mexico: Casa Del Tec

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Casa del Tec 167 was designed by GLR Arquitectos and is a modern residence located in San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León, México. The venture possesses an area of 600 square meters, on a site that is twofold in surface. Featuring huge windows, the design of the Casa del Tec takes full advantage of its beautiful surrounding garden and mountain sees, while allowing a high amount of natural light to enter the actual living space. The volcanic shake utilized for the exterior finish of the building contrasts the white painting and complements the metallic window blinds. Once inside, guests are overpowered by an incredible ceiling-in the living room, its stature reaches 7 meters !- and inspiring modern arrangements. The overall appearance is that of an elegant, lavish, calm, yet inviting home. Do you find this design approach practical?

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