Pitching A New Lifestyle In Kansas City

Pitching A New Lifestyle In Kansas City

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When designing Madison Residence in Kansas City, Missouri, the architects at KEM Studio sought to create something inspired by the proprietors’ lifestyle.

Three main directions were identified during the research process: “The first was for the new house to be modern, minimal and sustainable: focus on the experience with volume, light, and interactions more than square footage. Second was to emphasize the interaction of the house with the site and hillside: draw from the owner’s rural background and her unconventional, creative interpretations. The third was direction was super-efficiency”. Despite a small budget, this contemporary home is low maintenance and sustainable.

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These three challenges were approached with originality: “The design met those goals and responded to her lifestyle as a writer, musician, runner, cinephile and creative spirit. Functionally it translates into a 1,200 sf, two-bedroom, two-bath home on a modest budget”, explained the architects. The gallery below unveils a spacious home encouraging social activities and entertainment. A minimalist design approach was needed in order to spark creativity at all levels. How would you comment on the overall look and feel of this residence?  [Photography: Mike Sinclair]

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