Pure Interior Design Eclecticism Inspired By Brazilian Culture

Pure Interior Design Eclecticism Inspired By Brazilian Culture

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Studio ALBUS Design blew our mind with an undertaking inspired by Brazilian culture. Accumulated around 150 pounds of bananas praising craftsman Carmen Miranda’s effect on social decent variety, a gathering of painstakingly picked enhancing components make a Latin-inspired home comfort. Empowering this radical tasteful development began by Carmen Miranda, the design made by planner Henrique Steyer and designer Felipe Rijo, of ALBUS Design was envisioned to encompass the proprietors’ noteworthy fine art and collectibles gathering – “the illustrations by Djanira in the divider over the sofa share the space with a composition by Di Cavalcanti and the cover molded model by Siron Franco” – and also an intriguing accumulation of plume workmanship showed all through. Extravagant holy people and silver lights by an antique mirror take the spotlight once you got used to the bananas: “Yes, we have bananas!” That is the means by which we entirety up this undertaking in Porto Alegre, southern Brazil. Inspired in the Brazilian culture and its many impacts, this living room is a case of Brazil’s social decent variety. Similarly as the Brazilian individuals is a consequence of miscegenation, the production of this living was a look for the ideal blend. Henrique went with the home proprietor to New York, Miami and Rio de Janeiro, searching for a basically latin harmony.

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