Sleek Minimalist Design Molding Uncluttered Family Life

Sleek Minimalist Design Molding Uncluttered Family Life

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Exhibiting a dark geometry that enables the interiors to be private, the K2 House introduces a joyful minimalist design envisioned by Stuttgard-based studio Bottega + Ehrhardt Architekten. Arranging and building this cutting edge family home included making a cozy gathering of interior space that elongate outdoors by means of expansive sliding glass entryways. Window openings make a stream of normal light ideal for the family to appreciate.

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Photographed by David Franck, the geometric home rising in a residential neighborhood in the northern part of Stuttgart. Cutting into the internal space arrangement in order to create a fluid passing from one space to the next, architects imposed an environment where life flows naturally. A soothing color palette kept to a minimum encourages the family to live an unburdened life and enjoy moments rather than things.

This K2 House is not to be confused with this home bearing the same name – the what do minimalists do with all their stuff, you should know that it got something to do with balance and a feeling of empowerment.

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