Space-Saving Products For Your Small Bathroom

Space-Saving Products For Your Small Bathroom

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Attempting to discover storage room in your little bathroom? We’ve assembled a determination of 44 space-saving products and ideas to enable handle to mess, light up the space and illuminate probably the most well-known issues found in small bathrooms.

We’ll also give you some ideas for stylish essentials such as towels, bath mats and shower curtains to give your small bathroom maximum impact.

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Counter space is at a premium in small bathrooms; many vanities and sinks barely have enough space for toothpaste. To make matters worse, small bathrooms often have limited storage, leaving a variety of items to vie for valuable counter space.

Get clutter off the counter by hanging shelves and storage bins on the wall. Some product ideas that can help you take back your counter space are:

remodeling your small bathroom

1. combines a towel rack with a shelf for additional folded towels or stacked boxes.

Tip: Kitchen-supply stores have a variety of durable storage items that would work well in a bathroom.

One of the biggest small-bathroom problems is the depth of the vanity or cabinet. Items can get lost in the back, or the plumbing pipes create awkward spaces. Some products for maximizing awkward or deep cabinet spaces include:

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1. .ORG 2-Tier Mesh Expandable Under-Sink Shelf at is tiered to navigate around under-sink plumbing.

Tip: Get creative and use every available square inch of space for storage.

If your small bathroom has a pedestal sink and no storage, creativity will save the day. Tall, narrow storage cabinets will take advantage of your bathroom’s height to store items. Other ideas for adding storage space are:

renovate your small bathroom

1. Monarch Specialties Bathroom Shelf at has a narrow, leaning ladder-style design.

Tip: Items designed to fit in corners are the best space savers available.

Where do you house all the little things — such as cotton balls, makeup and dirty laundry — to keep the bathroom clutter-free? Answer: in attractive jars, boxes, over-the-door caddies and hampers. Here are some of the best catch-all, space-saving storage solutions:

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1. Asiaphile Buntal Granite Toiletry Set at combines handmade fiber craft with an elegant, modern design to display toiletries beautifully.

Tip: Label your jars and boxes to make finding what you need easy.

Now that you’ve gotten your storage solutions in order, you can focus on the fun stuff. Just because your bathroom is small doesn’t mean it can’t be big on style. Pops of color and texture distract the eye from problem areas by focusing on what’s right. Some great ways to add style to a small bathroom include:

feng shui your small bathroom

1. Crate and Barrel Italian Seersucker Blue Shower Curtain has a fluid, graphic pattern perfect for most color palettes.

Tip: Add pops of color and texture in a three-color palette. Regardless of whether the colors are contrasting or a monochromatic variation, a three-color combination creates visual impact.

We hope these products, ideas and tips have inspired you to freshen up your small bathroom. It’s easy to make it functional, organized and beautiful; simply pick your favorites and give your bathroom a well-deserved makeover.

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