Sustainable Residence In Austria Designed In White: House L

Sustainable Residence In Austria Designed In White: House L

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Especially designed for a family of four living with their two cats, House L by Schneider & Lengauer takes in the Austrian landscape of Scharten, with views of the Northern Limestone Alps. According to the architects, “three key requirements characterize the result. First, it was necessary to integrate the qualities of the site into a prestigious residential and working environment. Second, the client placed great importance on energy-efficient design. And thirdly, the home should reflect the family’s fondness for the color white”.

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The residence also accommodates the visual depiction studio of the client and a large photograph collection, which you will surely see in the virtual visit below. All interiors are defined by minimalism, transparency and elegance. Similarly as the short expressed, white is the predominant color, ensuring a smooth change between rooms. Champagne-colored floors emerge in  the general design, adding a touch of warmth.

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