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Large spaces appear to have an attraction to individuals who adore entertaining with style. This particular multi-level 5,000 square foot apartment is the ideal place to combine a flourishing social existence with the comforts of home. The proprietor and My Modern Met draws the attention with exciting features like the basketball or the tree amidst the living room. A laser optic lit steel tube acts like the hallway, opening up the space to the twofold stature living area. The large, splendid space was obtained by keeping the many bay windows intact, especially a 16 x 20 foot retractable focus bay window that surges the space with natural light. Uncovered wood beams edify the space and create a fascinating pattern in the brilliant space. The large entertaining area was designed to encompass as much fun things as conceivable and many areas for relaxation. Many individuals would love to live in a place this way, yet unfortunately, the space was as of late sold for $3.32 million. Fortunate inhabitant, isn’t that so?