These Tiny Homes Let You Try Before You Buy

These Tiny Homes Let You Try Before You Buy

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Have you been considering a tiny home, however not certain in case you’re prepared to make the jump? Presently you can try your hand at living in a tiny home before you focus on this way of life change. Escape Homes, a company based out of Wisconsin, lets you lease tiny homes for a night, or up to a few days, to check whether it’s an ideal choice for you.

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They offer their service in several locations around the United States: you can spend a few days in the relaxing wilderness of Oregon or in the bustling center of Charlotte, North Carolina. Some units offer transportation so that you can choose your temporary backyard while you test the house.

While the homes are compact, the amenities are quite comfortable: many models come with a wet bar and full bath. If you do decide to make the switch, your custom built home can be delivered to you within 90 days.

Prices vary dependent on model and location.

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tiny house lethbridge
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