Two Clever Clear Lighting Solutions For Your Home

Two Clever Clear Lighting Solutions For Your Home

Clear lamps are great because they can blend so easily with any color scheme. But won’t it be even better if they could also help you solve organizational problems in your home at the same time? Like misplaced magazines and books. If you’ve been spending too much time hunting for that book you were reading, then you might like the clear reading lamp by Bureaudebank of The Netherlands. There is also a frosted version. It is a combination reading lamp and book or magazine stand made from perspex and stainless steel. The lamp is divided into two halves with a space for the books. Now you will spend less time hunting and more time reading for your book will be literally on the lamp by your favourite coccooning spot.

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The second featured lamp design is by Nicolo Taliani of Italy. His lamp takes care of the perennial issue of long, dangling lamp electrical ropes. In the event that you are not attached to packaging up the string with some unattractive tie, at that point it makes such a great amount of sense to incorporate that rope as part of the design of the lamp. His Lamp No. 1 design comes in four distinct hues – red, white, black and orange. The rope hues match the lamp shade for an added shading punch. These are “clearly” two examples where the designs have form and twofold capacity!

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