Visually Stunning House In Brisbane, Australia

Visually Stunning House In Brisbane, Australia

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Living in the suburbs is not what it used to be. There are all sorts of amenities, utilities and such, but more to it, there are stunning examples of modern architecture. Take that cutting-edge modernist style house in Brisbane’s suburbs (83 Hampstead Road Highgate Hill), Australia, that will likely get you a “wow” with its angular forms, fluid curves and flowing lines. But the exterior is just foreplay to what’s inside …

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The 4,617-sq.- ft. multi-level living arrangement, combines workmanship and architecture, glass, steel and stone packs near flawlessness. The exquisite wooden staircase makes the association between the living space and the four bedrooms. Basic yet advanced in the meantime, the most noteworthy of all is the main bedroom that disregards the entertaining territory outside (with a lovely blue pool) and the breathtaking city skyline. To those that can bear the cost of it, the house will be

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