Warm And Inviting House In New Zealand Placed In A Breathtaking Landscape

Warm And Inviting House In New Zealand Placed In A Breathtaking Landscape

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Located in Nelson, New Zealand, the Evill House is a residential project designed and projected by Studio Pacific Architecture, a firm that has evolved into an award-winning substantial and creative practice, due to its substantial projects throughout the entire country. Evill House is located nearby the Waimea River, so the plan was from the very beginning to create a warm and welcoming living space that opens up to the river and the views. Organised around a central courtyard, the house is perceived as a retreat, a home that establishes a special connection with the outdoors. The land on which the house sits was previously covered in tall pine trees. The interesting fact is that the house was built entirely from pine timber, “meaning that the house’s fabric is literally from the land upon which it sits.”

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Evill House features three wings (pavilions). “All three wings are designed so circulation is on the inner face, opening onto the courtyard, which is landscaped to include reflecting pools and ancient Balinese molds and is faced externally with Balinese lava stone. The external face of each wing reveals sees out finished the tidal estuary, a gradually changing landscape of shimmering water that streams in at high tide and gradually ebbs away.” The central wing accommodates the living area (including the kitchen and  the dinning area) while the other two are held for work and sleeping.

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