Wood Inspiration: Restored Historic Home By Robert M. Gurney Architect

Wood Inspiration: Restored Historic Home By Robert M. Gurney Architect

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The 308 Mulberry residence is a late nineteenth-century historic house, located in the small town of Lewes, Delaware. The picturesque view of it was shadowed by the normal deteriorations that occur over time. The house required an upgrade and the exterior needed to be restored to its original condition. Robert M. Gurney, the architect responsible with the project, talks about the general context: “Lewes is composed primarily of late nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century building stock. The dominant building type is timber and the prevalent construction type is balloon framing. The starting point for this project is one such small house located at 308 Mulberry Street, originally constructed in the early nineteenth-century in the heart of the historical district.”

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The redesign implied likewise a progression of new augmentations. To be more particular, four new structures needed to draw in superbly with the existent historical home. The customer likewise asked for a modern swimming pool and a parlor zone. Regardless of its historic exterior, the interior looks slick, modern and fresh. The extra structures, worked around the swimming pool, are imagined as relaxations spots (one even contains a chimney enabling the space to be utilized late into the fall).

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